The sun is blazing, and your little sunshines are practically bouncing off the walls with summer fever. But what if your backyard doesn’t boast a pool to cool them down? No worries, because even without a pool, there’s a whole ocean of creative water-fuelled fun just waiting to be had!

Slip & Slide Extravaganza

Grab a heavy-duty tarp, some dish soap, and a garden hose. Lay the tarp on a slight incline, drench it with soapy water, and prepare for squeals of laughter as your little ones take turns zooming down the makeshift water-slick. Bonus points for decorating the sides with pool noodles and colourful flags!

Sprinkler Showdown

Transform your backyard into a watery wonderland with a simple sprinkler! Choose from classic oscillating sprinklers or even DIY your own masterpiece using empty water bottles and some tubing. Run through the sprays, dance in the droplets, or have a playful “sprinkler tag” tournament – endless options for refreshing fun await!

Water Balloon Bonanza

Fill up balloons with water, gather your team, and let the battle commence! Dodge, dip, dive, and duck as water balloons explode in bursts of laughter and playful chaos. It’s a guaranteed recipe for messy, soaking fun!

Bubble Blast

Invest in a bubble machine or make your own bubble solution using dish soap and water. Watch as your little ones chase and pop the bubbles, or see who can create the biggest, most spectacular bubble masterpiece. It’s a simple, magical activity that’s perfect for all ages.

DIY Water Obstacle Course

Get creative and turn your backyard into a watery obstacle course! Use pool noodles, sprinklers, buckets, hoses, and any other water-themed props you can find. Design challenges like dodging sprinkler sprays or tossing wet sponges at targets. 

You can turn everyday items into exciting water toys, invent new splash-tastic games, and make the most of those sunny days!