Inspiring spaces

We are proud to provide beautiful environments, both inside and out for the children and families to enjoy. At Simply Sunshine Early Education, we ensure our rooms are filled with natural light, nurturing furnishings and age-appropriate resources. 

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.” – Fred Rogers

Unlimited adventure

Our nature-inspired outdoor environments are well-designed with plenty of shade. Our children love helping us plant new gardens, water the plants and getting involved in personalising their outdoor spaces.  We share our land with an abundance of local wildlife, plenty of birds and bugs in which we love to observe, enquire, and take care of.  Kindy has their very own native beehive. 

At Simply Sunshine our children can play and learn with their whole bodies, we’re not scared of a little dirt and our water pump is always popular with the children!

Our playground provides many opportunities for children to develop their gross motor skills in fun and engaging ways as well as trying new things in a playful and safe environment.

“When children have the opportunity to explore their limits and engage in risky play we find that they become experts in assessing their own risk.” – Teacher Tom, Early Childhood Educator

Our nature inspired playground intermingles with nature where lines are blurred between where one begins and the other ends. Children are invited to explore sand, water, mud, trees, bees to support their physical, social and intellectual development.