Early Learning Centre

Fostering a love of learning, following interests and extending knowledge through play-based education and intentional teaching allows children to experience structured and spontaneous play developing each child’s physical, emotional, social, sensory and cognitive development.

Routines and programs are displayed in each room for families to view each day. We welcome family contribution and knowledge about their child, developing collaborative partnerships to create the best learning outcomes for children.

We value community connections specific to our town, engaging with local services, schools and attending community events. We acknowledge that we work, learn and play on Barada Barna Land and interweave respect of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives through our program.

0-15mths (Nursery)

Our nursery offers a nurturing, home-like environment that is safe and developmentally appropriate for babies. Their program is authentic to the development of each of our youngest learners, fostering strong relationships between home and care. Our Nursery educators are devoted to sharing love and care for our little ones until they are ready to continue their learning journey and further develop in the Tots room.

15mths-2yrs (Tots)

The Tots room provides further opportunities to develop, learn and explore as children begin to climb, run, jump and engage with more challenging concepts crucial for their social-emotional wellbeing and physical development. The Tots children have access to an indoor/outdoor program where they are viewed as capable constructors of their learning and needs and develop a sense of agency where they can explore each environment. Here, children transition to ‘big kid’ beds and from high chairs to a dining setting. This room is where children begin more structured play and develop strong routines tailored to the group.

18mths-2.5yrs (Toddlers)

Our Toddler room provides children with the opportunity to discover their unique capabilities, explore their strengths, likes and dislikes and develops extensions for learning and exploration. The Toddler room begins emerging children into sensory, creative arts, early literacy and numeracy concepts and scientific experiences. 

2.5yrs-3.5yrs (Juniors)

Our Juniors Children aged 2-3 years are inquisitive, and eager to learn, discover and of course move. 

Our educators implement a program that is rich in supporting each child to discover the world around them in a safe and nurturing environment. Children are encouraged to develop their independence, creativity, sense of agency and knowledge through a range of inquiry-based learning provocations. 

3-5yrs (Pre-Kindy)

Our Pre-Kindy team support and inspire inquiry-based learning, providing exciting and meaningful provocations for their children to discover, explore, investigate, hypothesise and problem solve. Children are supported to become independent, knowledgeable and confident learners that are socially and emotionally ready to expand their development and skills through play. 

3-5yrs (Kindergarten)

At Kindy, children are continuing to learn through play.  Interests guide the program interweaving literacy, science, and maths concepts.  We respect nature and acknowledge the Traditional Custodians.  The children create agreements to develop pro social behaviours and a sense of belonging and support children’s independence and self-help skills.  Our outdoor space provides opportunities to run, jump, climb, slide, and balance.  We discover birds, bugs, and bees, climb trees, and create concoctions and dams in the mudpit and sandpit.