Forget the predictable bouquets and brunch buffets this Mother’s Day! Here at Simply Sunshine Early Learning, we believe in celebrating Mums with sunshine-filled creativity. So, ditch the store-bought gifts and unleash your inner crafter with these unique DIY gifts!

  • Aroma of Serenity: Craft a personalised aromatherapy candle. Choose calming scents like lavender and chamomile, and decorate the jar with dried flowers or painted messages.
  • Handprint Harmony: Capture the magic of tiny hands with a heartwarming handprint mosaic. Paint squares of wood in bright colors, let your little ones add handprints, and assemble them into a unique wall hanging or coaster set.
  • Memories in Bloom: Transform treasured photos into personalised planters. Upcycle old mugs or tins, decoupage them with family pictures, and add a pop of greenery. Watch Mum’s face light up as she remembers special moments while tending to her photo-infused plants.
  • Jar of Comfort: Whip up a batch of Mum’s favorite cookies or bake a fragrant loaf of bread. Package them in a decorated jar with a heartfelt note, and add a sprinkle of edible flowers for extra sunshine.
  • Gift of Time: Don’t underestimate the power of a homemade coupon book. Fill it with promises of back rubs, story time marathons, or a picnic under the stars. These gestures of quality time are priceless gifts that Mum will truly appreciate.

Wishing you all a beautiful Mother’s Day! Happy crafting!