image of a girl in a free Kindy poster raising both here hands

The launch of Free Kindy in 2024 is a significant event for early education in Queensland. This initiative provides 15 hours of free learning per week throughout 40 weeks annually, ensuring easier access to education for children. It ensures that every child has an equal chance to start their early learning journey with fun and engaging activities, promoting a strong beginning for all.

Key Features of Free Kindy in Queensland:

  • 15 hours per week, 40 weeks per year
  • For children aged at least 4 years by June 30 before Prep
  • Attending a Government-approved Kindergarten program
  • Delivered by a qualified early childhood teacher

Where to Find Free Kindy:

It’s crucial for parents to know where they can find Free Kindergarten programs. These programs are offered in different settings, such as sessional kindergartens and long day care services. Exploring these options will help determine what best suits their family’s requirements. To find more details about the program and access the Free Kindy finder, visit the Queensland Government website.

Our Kindergarten Program:

At Kindy, children are continuing to learn through play.  Interests guide the program interweaving literacy, science, and maths concepts.  We respect nature and acknowledge the Traditional Custodians.  The children create agreements to develop pro social behaviours and a sense of belonging and support children’s independence and self-help skills.  Our outdoor space provides opportunities to run, jump, climb, slide, and balance.  We discover birds, bugs, and bees, climb trees, and create concoctions and dams in the mud-pit and sandpit.

Learn more about our Kindergarten program here.