Child in the Kitchen
In the words of the famous chef Julia Child – “The more you know, the more you can create. There’s no end to imagination in the kitchen.”

We couldn’t agree more, and by starting early, children can develop a love of food and cooking, and enjoy spending quality time with you in the kitchen. Here are some great ways to involve children of all ages in the kitchen:

Involve them in meal planning

Let your child help you with planning meals – ask them what they would like to eat or what they would like to try making. This provides a great opportunity to open up questions about food and healthy eating and shows them that you respect and value their ideas.

Take them food shopping

Use it as a learning opportunity – teach them about new foods and ingredients, help them understand budgeting, and how to stick to a shopping list. Let them count out ingredients and take responsibility for finding items.

Let them practice their cooking skills

Children love to be involved so let them prepare meals by mixing, pouring, stirring, and tasting! It can be messy and some children will need a bit of time to adjust to the sticky, sensory feel of the food, but as they get older and practice more that dexterity will come in handy in the kitchen.

Get help Weighing and measuring ingredients

Scooping out measuring cups of flour or other ingredients is a great start for young cooks. As they get older you can add in a quick math’s lesson, like doubling the amount of ingredients and teaching them how to use scales.

Teach them about safety and hygiene

Understanding kitchen safety and hygiene will help children become more responsible inside and outside of the kitchen. Teach them never to touch a hot pan or stovetop and the importance of washing their hands properly.

Most importantly, have fun! Cooking is something you can all enjoy together as a family, here’s a great pizza recipe you can try with your little ones.