Simple Sunshine Child Care

At Simply Sunshine Early Learning, we believe there’s nothing quite like the magic of a good book. We see those sparkling eyes, furrowed brows, and infectious giggles that bubble up when children get lost in a story. But how do we ignite that spark, foster that love for reading, and turn our little ones into lifelong bookworms? We’ve got some great tips to help…

  1. Lead by Example. Children are keen observers, mimicking our words and actions. If they see you curled up with a book or hear you discuss your favorite characters they’ll be naturally drawn to that world. Make reading a visible part of your life, share your recommendations, and let them see you revel in the simple pleasure of a good story.
  2. Build a Book Bonanza. Create a cosy reading nook, a dedicated space filled with colorful picture books, engaging chapter books, and even interactive pop-up wonders. Let them choose their own adventures, browse at their own pace, and build a sense of ownership over their book corner.
  3. Make it a Shared Adventure. Snuggle up together for bedtime stories, take turns reading aloud, and create silly voices for different characters. Encourage questions, discuss the plot, and let your imaginations run wild together. 
  4. Go Beyond the Page. Let the stories come alive! Act out scenes, draw your favorite characters, create dioramas inspired by the plot, or even write your own silly sequels. Engage their senses and creativity, connect reading to real-life experiences, and watch their understanding and appreciation blossom.
  5. Visit the Library. Book Zoo: Explore the shelves together, participate in storytime sessions, and let librarians guide you to hidden gems.
  6. Celebrate Reading. Throw a themed book party, dress up as favorite characters, organise a book swap, or create a homemade “read-o-meter” to track their progress. Make reading a celebration, a joyous event filled with fun and laughter, not just a chore or another task.

At Simply Sunshine Early Learning, we nurture a love for reading from the very start. We weave stories into our daily routines, create immersive reading environments, and celebrate every milestone on their literary journey.