At Simply Sunshine Early Learning, we know the joy of creating lasting memories with family. So, ditch the screens and gather your little sunbeams – it’s time for some egg-cellent at-home Easter activities!

Get Crafty:

  • Bunny Bonanza: Grab construction paper, glitter, googly eyes, and let your imaginations run wild! Craft adorable bunny masks, decorate paper bags into personalised Easter baskets, or create colourful bunting to brighten your home.
  • Egg-ceptional Decor: Dye eggs with natural ingredients like beetroot, or turmeric for vibrant, eco-friendly designs. Get creative with markers, stickers, and stencils to personalize them with names, bunny faces, or funny patterns.
  • Basket of Crafts: Turn empty egg cartons into charming planters for seedlings or colourful chick puppets. Make yarn-wrapped cardboard tubes into playful bunny ears, or transform old socks into cuddly sock bunnies – perfect for gifting or snuggling!

Hunt for Fun:

  • Indoor Egg-sploration: Hide plastic eggs filled with tiny toys, stickers, or chocolate around the house. Make clues or riddles for an extra brain-teasing twist, and watch the excitement build as your little hunters find their treasures.
  • Sensory Treasure Hunt: Fill eggs with different textures like dried beans, cotton balls, or fluffy feathers. Blindfold your little ones and let them use their sense of touch to guess what’s inside!
  • Backyard Adventure: Turn your backyard into an Easter egg paradise! Hide eggs in bushes, hang them from trees, or bury them in sandboxes for a fun outdoor hunt. Add challenges like solving riddles or completing tasks for bonus eggs.

Get Cooking (and Eating!):

  • Bunny Baking: Whip up a batch of fluffy bunny-shaped pancakes or adorable carrot cake cupcakes. Let your little ones help with mixing, decorating, and, of course, the most important part – devouring!
  • Snacktime Fun: Get creative with healthy Easter snacks! Cut fruit into bunny shapes, make colourful veggie skewers with bunny picks, or create edible bunny faces on cheese sandwiches.

Remember, the most important ingredients for a memorable Easter are love, laughter, and quality time together! 

Happy Easter adventures from the Simply Sunshine Early Learning Team!