By Emma Thomas


During summer and over the Christmas/New Year period we often end up with unexpected home days. And if it’s raining or hot it can be hard to keep the kids entertained. 

There are so many things you can do, but sometimes you just need some ideas – so here you go. 

Science Experiments

I love setting up science experiments for children to engage with. The easiest is anything using bi-carb and vinegar. You could make an exploding volcano or simply sprinkle the bi-carb on a tray and let them add the vinegar using a dropper. Colour your vinegar for added fun!

Pizza Shop

Set up your own pizza shop for lunch time! Get your children to make menus and set the table. Then work together to make pizza dough and each person can add their own toppings. Fun and delicious. 

Performance time

Hold a concert or performance! Your children could put on a play, a dance or be in a band! This can also be a great time for you to get a few minutes sitting on the couch. 

Nature walk

Get outside and go for a walk. Make bangles out of tape with the sticky side out, collect leaves, flowers or sticks and add them to the bangle as you walk. Play a rainbow game where you try to spot things for each colour of the rainbow. 

Accept Boredom

Boredom is part of life and something that our children need to build up a tolerance for. When children are bored this can often be when their best ideas come. Also children need times of boredom to reset their minds and nervous systems. 

Maintaining a regular routine over the holiday period is really beneficial for children. We are all at our best when we know what to expect and can anticipate coming events. In between the extra events and activities try to maintain some regular routines like eating breakfast together each day. These regular routines help to ground our children during busy times.